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This is not a typical match 3 game. No Sir, this is more than that. This is a turn based fighting game, your actions are determined by the swap & match you made.

Awesome animations, sound efects and also powerups and bosses are here to make sure BioGems is nothing like ordinary match 3 games.

During the game keep en eye on your health and energy. You cannot make attacks while you are low on energy and you cannot keep on fighting when you have no life left, obviously…

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BioGems is a turn-based match-3 game.rnOn your turn, swap one gem with an adjacent gem to form a line of three or more matching gems. To swap gems around, simply click or drag both gems. Gems will explode when matched in a chain of 3 or more, then new gems will fall from the top of the screen to fill the grid. This can cause a chain reaction of matching gems, giving you the effect of all gems destroyed in that combo.rnEach gem type, when matched, will have an effect in the battle, like attacking or gaining energy. See the next section, Gem Types, for more information about their effect.rnIf you manage to match 4 or 5 gems in a row, their effect will be even more powerful, plus you will get a precious extra turn after this one! Prepare your moves wisely and you might play many moves in a row.rnrn


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