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Guardian Rock

Archaeologists are curious people… Sometimes a bit too curious. As the mighty Guardian Rock your mission is to defend the glorious temple from this puny humans. Use your brute force to crush all the humans by crashing into them as the Guardian Rock. Or you can use your wits to with the ancient devices which are ready to help your noble cause. When you clear a level, continue to the next one by entering the shining door.

You’ll have 48 puzzles to solve and countless spikes, TNT and cannonballs to avoid.

Ancient souls rely on you. Don’t dissapoint them…


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Destroy all puny human intruders by crashing into them as the Guardian Rock, then continue to the next room by entering the shining door. Avoid spikes, TNT and cannonballs and take use of the ancient traps and devices in the temple to drive all intruders out.


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