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Block Squad

The Block Squaud is a unique puzzler game with twists and turns. You should clean the blocks to reach city’s valuables.

You have to use your moves wisely. Otherwise you may not able to reach the exit door. Don’t make your character cry.

Enjoy this addicting game. :)




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Use your wits, wiles and wherewithal to remove groups of three similar blocks and rotate the board itself to guide your Squaddie towards the priceless collectables, and ultimately unlock the exit! You can even remove groups of two and singular blocks, but at a cost to your limited supply of moves...don't maroon yourself in the smiley block maelstrom!rnrnRotate the board by clicking the arrow on either side of it, or by using the left and right arrow keys; 'Z' and 'X' will also rotate. To clear a group of blocks just click the group to highlight them then click again to destroy them. You can also use 'Esc' or 'P' to pause the game if you fancy a breather, and 'F' to enter full-screen mode, if your site allows it.rnrnBonus points are awarded for the amount of time you have remaining on completing each level (shown at the bottom of the board), as well as the number of moves you have left. The best way to amass points is to collect as many items as possible on each level, but keep an eye on your move counter!


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